Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year!

Welcome back from break!  I hope that everyone had a fun and relaxing winter vacation!  It is a new year and with it comes a brand new home on the web for our classroom. First, a big thank you to Courtney from Blogs Fit for a Queen who designed our new site!  I love it and I hope you do as well. She is one talented 18 year old college student!  This new site is actually a blog and comes with the ability for you to follow the happenings in our classroom through e-mail. On the right hand side of this page you will see "Follow by Email".  If you enter your e-mail address you will get a message every time I post on this page.This makes for a super easy, hands-off way for you to follow what happens in our room. If you follow many blogs I included the option to follow me through the web site Bloglovin' as well.  I hope to use this blog to communicate pictures and even more information about our classroom than easily fits in a newsletter, so I hope you will follow along with our learning and fun! I anticipate our paper newsletters getting smaller and hopefully saving a few trees with the launch of this blog. To kick things off here are some pictures from the Cory Batz dance. Happy New Year!